, :
April 17, 2018, Data Shows Police Brutality In America Is Getting Worse — 2018 Could Be The Most Deadly In Years:
March 30, 2018, Danny Ray Thomas Was a Broken Man Who Needed Help. Instead He Was Gunned Down by a Cop in Broad Daylight.:
March 29, 2018, Young Hispanic men may face greatest risk from police shootings, study finds:
March 27, 2018, Police Violence Is Changing the Way Nonwhite Parents Raise Their Children:
March 26, 2018, The forgotten victims of officer-involved shootings:
March 22, 2018, Trump Amerikasında ırkçılık yükselişte:
March 21, 2018, Who Killed Eduardo, Matheus and Reginaldo?:
March 16, 2018, The Assassination of Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco Was a Huge Loss for Brazil — and the World:
February 15, 2018, Лукашевич призвал ОБСЕ контролировать ситуацию с полицейским произволом в США:
February 9, 2018, Race, Gender, And The Contexts Of Unarmed Fatal Interactions With Police:
February 6, 2018, Police kill unarmed blacks more often, especially when they are women, study finds:
January 23, 2018, Questionable police killings of African Americans -- Including a great-grandma-- Continues unabated:
January 20, 2018, Trump's America: A war on police, or their detractors?:
January 10, 2018, Primed for death: Law enforcement-citizen homicides, social media, and retaliatory violence:
December 30, 2017, No "Happy new year" for those murdered by police in 2017:
December 14, 2017, Familia de joven hispano muerto en altercado con oficiales demanda a Policía de Whittier:
November 17, 2017, Mass Shootings, Male Toxicity and their Roots in Agriculture:
November 15, 2017, Why are Police in the USA so Terrified?:
November 15, 2017, Police Violence Persists, Though Most Media Have Stopped Paying Attention:
October 23, 2017, NFL row intensifies as players kneel and raise fists:
October 22, 2017, Should there be guidelines for the Irish National Anthem? Irish gov seeks Irish American opinions:
September 13, 2017, Community Coalition Calls For Support Of Initiative 940:
August 7, 2017, An Alt Right Update:
July 19, 2017, Police brutality jumped a racial fence with Minneapolis cop shooting of Justine Damond:
July 19, 2017, Both Unarmed, Both killed by police, but only one getting constant airtime:
July 11, 2017, Adopt uniform police use-of-force policies:
July 9, 2017, How do you Like Your Police: Democratic or Authoritarian?:
July 9, 2017, Law Enforcement Violence for 2017 ‘Normalized:
June 27, 2017, Police Killings In Washington Up 20 Percent Compared To 2016:
June 24, 2017, 25 Reasons Why I Hate America:
June 17, 2017, Honoring Fathers When Black Lives Don't Matter:
June 7, 2017, "He Is Not His Mistakes" - What Friends Remember About Terrell Johnson, the Second Person Killed by Portland Police this Year:
June 2, 2017, California, Florida among states with highest civilian deaths at hands of police in May:
May 31, 2017, Three unarmed 15 year-old-boys killed by U.S. cops in one month � but only one case saw much-needed coverage:
May 30, 2017, Every San Jose Police Shooting in 2017 Has Involved Suspects with a History of Mental Illness:
May 23, 2017, Police Brutality, the Jersey Four and the Longest Protest You�ve Never Heard About:
May 4, 2017, Polizeigewalt in den Vereinigten Staaten - Freie Hand f�r die Cops:!5403493/
May 1, 2017, High School Freshman Fatally Shot by Dallas Police Officer � Marks 385th Death by Police in 2017:
April 28, 2017, Unnecessary Force � What Will Policing Look Like Under Trump?:
April 4, 2017, Sessions Giving Free Rein to Police Departments, Destroying Years of Work by Obama to Reform Violent Practices:
March 22, 2017, In Case You Forgot, Cops Are Still Killing Black People:
March 22, 2017, Police In The US Have Already Killed 275 People This Year:
March 21, 2017, Tahun Ini, Sudah 271 Warga AS Tewas Ditembak Polisi:
March 20, 2017, US police officers have already killed 271 people so far this year - an increase on 2016:
March 16, 2017, Jesse Williams Calls Trump A �Pig� Who Incites Fear Against Immigrants:
March 15, 2017, Fatal shooting of Darnell Wicker by LMPD officers justified:
March 1, 2017, Big data and the New Transparency: Measuring and representing police killings:
March 1, 2017, Jeff Sessions: �It�s not insensitive to civil rights to stop monitoring police�:
February 20, 2017, Police Shootings And Killings Soar In 2017: Statistics In New Year On Pace To Break Records:
February 10, 2017, Trump fortalece el autoritarismo policial con tres nuevas �rdenes ejecutivas:
February 9, 2017, Dave Chappelle Is the Comedic Voice Trump's America Deserves:
February 9, 2017, Police killings rise to an estimated 136 in first 6 weeks of 2017:
February 9, 2017, Donald Trump signs executive order giving police greater authority:
February 7, 2017, Trump�s first month in office sees most people killed by police since 2015 :
February 7, 2017, US police have already killed more than 100 people this year:
January 10, 2017, The Miscounted of 2016 and False Media Narrative of Police Abuse:
January 3, 2017, Charts show difference between police shootings in the US and the UK:
January 1, 2017, Cop killers & killer cops: Lives lost in US officer-involved shootings in 2016:
December 29, 2016, Tragedies provide solutions to officer-involved shooting crisis:
December 16, 2016, Arrest-Related Deaths Program Redesign Study, 2015-16: Preliminary Findings:
December 9, 2016, The Challenges of Police Reform and Transforming American Policing:
December 8, 2016, In these troubling times, we are experiencing a beautiful renaissance of black art and culture:
December 8, 2016, An Interview: Police Chief Speaks Candidly of New Role:
November 22, 2016, We all should be horrified at police killings:
November 1, 2016, Standing Rock Violence & Police Militarization:
October 20, 2016, Native Americans most likely ethnic group to be killed by police:
October 19, 2016, The NYPD killing of 66-year-old Deborah Danner is wrong on every level:
October 17, 2016, 'Regrettable': FBI Chief Admits No Clue How Many Black Men Killed by US Police:
September 28, 2016, Williams tar et personlig oppgj�r med amerikansk politi: - Jeg vil ikke v�re stille:
September 26, 2016, How many police shootings happened in 2016? Here are the alarming statistics.:
September 26, 2016, Dismantle the police:
September 24, 2016, Usa: scontri a Charlotte per morte afroamericano, 12 poliziotti feriti:
September 22, 2016, Charlotte, la polizia uccide :
September 22, 2016, Donald Trump: � Afroamerikanere har aldri hatt det verre enn i dag:
September 20, 2016, Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Man in Oklahoma:
August 23, 2016, EEUU: Polic�a asesina a sordomudo que no escuch� voz de alto:
August 22, 2016, North Carolina police kill unarmed deaf, mute man using sign language:
August 17, 2016, Why police body cameras are failing, and the exact policies we must enact to unleash their power:
August 15, 2016, Study: bodycams increase some fatal police shootings:
August 9, 2016, Save lives by addressing police training:
July 30, 2016, Caught on Camera: Police Racism:
July 27, 2016, Over 55k Americans injured, killed by US police in just 1 yr � study:
July 25, 2016, Solutions for police brutality can begin with our overwhelmingly white male justice system:
July 25, 2016, Amid terror, social media amplifies messages of hate:
July 23, 2016, North Miami police Officer Jonathan Aledda identified in controversial shooting:
July 21, 2016, "Why Did You Shoot Me?" When Police Steal a Black Child's Life:
July 17, 2016, Victorians try to raise awareness of systemic racism:
July 13, 2016, Armed with Technology: The Impact on Fatal Shootings by the Police:
July 13, 2016, Czarne zycie liczy sie� w mandatach:
July 11, 2016, Video exposes Fresno police lies in shooting death of Dylan Noble:
July 11, 2016, 4 Facts Debunking the Media�s Lies About the �War on Cops�:
July 10, 2016, Afroamericanos e hispanos los m�s asesinados por polic�as en EU: AI:!aSM4KD4GKBLII/
July 10, 2016, Dossier. Racismo, vivo en EU:
July 09, 2016, Polic�a de EEUU mata m�s a afroamericanos e hispanos:
July 09, 2016, Tensions raciales maximum aux Etats-Unis : Barack Obama en a-t-il fait assez pour les Afro-Am�ricains?:
July 08, 2016, Texas Panhandle isn't isolated from racial tensions:
July 08, 2016, In the Name of Safety:
July 07, 2016, The police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have taken America to a boiling point:
July 07, 2016, Fresh Intelligence: Today Is a Tragic Day of Police Violence, But a Starry-Eyed Day for Trump:
July 06, 2016, Halfway to 2017: US Police Still Killing People at Alarming Rate:
July 05, 2016, This Is How Many People Police Have Killed So Far In 2016:
June 27, 2016, Jesse Williams� stirring BET Awards speech comes on same day cops around country kill six people :
June 15, 2016, Mistaken police shooting of 'civilian' not justified, but no charges will be filed:
June 7, 2016, De handschoenen gaan uit: het wordt Clinton vs. Trump:
June 5, 2016, Black Lives Matter And Respectability Politice In Local News Accounts Of Officer-Involved Civilian Deaths:
June 1, 2016, In 2016, Police Officers Are Getting Brownie Points For Not Gunning People Down:
May 18, 2016, ??????????? ????????? ???????????? ? ???-????? ????????? ?? ????:
May 13, 2016, Two changes in how we treat the mentally ill could cut fatalities caused by cops in half:
April 22, 2016, Why The Washington Post Won A Pulitzer For A Story The Guardian Also Owned:
April 18, 2016, How many people were killed by police in 2015 in Oklahoma and around the U.S.?:
March 18, 2016, Wo Rassismus Alltag ist:
March 4, 2016, Violence in Blue - Police Homicides in the United States:
February 10, 2016, Fatal incidents involving SA area law enforcement officers since 2014:
January 27, 2016, Council briefing on police use of force turns tense:
January 21, 2016, Entre barras y estrellas, la ca�da:
January 16, 2016, Killings by cops are much more common in Western states:
January 14, 2016, Number of Deaths in Police Custody Higher than Media Reports: DOJ Data:
January 12, 2016, The cops� killing spree in 2015: by the numbers:
January 5, 2016, The CERD Treaty: Another Tool in the Fight Against Police Violence:
January 4, 2016, Record number of police officers were charged with murder or manslaughter in 2015 � not a single one convicted:
January 3, 2016, Police killed up to 1,200 people in 2015... and one in five of the victims were unarmed:
January 2, 2016, Almost 1,200 people, mostly minorities, killed by US cops in 2015:
December 31, 2015, EU.- Guerra contra los pobres, no contra la pobreza:
December 31, 2015, Law, Order and Social Suicide:
December 29, 2015, USA, niente processo al poliziotto-killer:
December 29, 2015, Police killed 1,186 civilians during 2015:
December 28, 2015, Here�s How Many People Police Killed In 2015:
December 28, 2015, Mapping Police Violence: New Study Shows Cops Have Killed At Least 1,152 in 2015:
December 23, 2015, Fatal shootings by IMPD increase in 2015, but sketchy data nationally hinders deep analysis:
December 23, 2015, The Year of Black Lives Matter: A Movement With Mixed Success:
December 19, 2015, Sheriff's Office using new 'less-than-lethal' weapon to reduce fatal shootings:
December 17, 2015, Activists urge Christmas boycott in response to police terrorism:
December 16, 2015, It�s time to admit police have a history of connections with the KKK:
December 16, 2015, Protests Shake US Despite Government Efforts to Stem Police Brutality:
December 10, 2015, Overlooked in the Undercounted: The Role of Mental Illness in Fatal Law Enforcement Encounters:
December 9, 2015, FBI Director Comey�s Statement Before the Senate Judiciary Committee:
December 4, 2015, State Rep. Wants All Police-Involved Deaths Statewide Reviewed by Citizen Oversight Board:
November 23, 2015, Trump Retweets Bogus Crime Graphic:
November 22, 2015, Donald Trump�s latest racism controversy involves fake homicide statistics:
November 17, 2015, The Number Of Americans Killed By Police So Far This Year Is Staggering:
November 13, 2015, La polic�a de EEUU mata� y a menudo:
November 8, 2015, Unmut �ber Tarantinos Kritik an Polizeigewalt:
November 1, 2015, The Most Horrific Police Brutality Cases In October:
October 30, 2015, 90 seconds that changed the course of history:
October 29, 2015, SAD: Policajac dobio otkaz zbog nasilja nad djevojcicom u �koli:
October 27, 2015, Police Prosecutions Have Increased, but Convictions Have Not:
October 25, 2015, Chris Christie: Obama, Black Lives Matter Encourage �Lawlessness�:
October 25, 2015, ABD'de polis siddetine protesto:
October 24, 2015, Rise Up October: Protests in New York City:
October 17, 2015, 2 Cops Tortured A Young Black Man In A Holding Cell Until He Died. They Were Just Acquitted.:
October 16, 2015, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice Among Those Unrecorded in FBI Record of Police Killings:
October 14, 2015, Cruz: Black Lives Matter Is �Literally Suggesting And Embracing And Celebrating The Murder Of Police�:
October 7, 2015, DoJ�s New Cop Killings Database Still Doesn�t Make Reporting Mandatory:
October 6, 2015, Who Dies at the Hands of US Police�and How Often:
October 1, 2015, These Are The People Killed By Police In September:
September 29, 2015, FBI Refuses to Track US Police Killings:
September 18, 2015, Coming Up on 1000: US Cops Have Killed More Than 850 People This Year:
September 14, 2015, Body Count:
September 9, 2015, GRAPHIC: Debunking The �War On Police�:
September 4, 2015, The Real Story of Race and Police Killings:
September 1, 2015, August heat: 6 cops shot, 105 people killed by police in US:
September 1, 2015, Here Are 5 Of August�s Most Outrageous Incidents Between Police And Civilians:
August 27, 2015, Polizia con droni armati, la degenerazione arriva dagli USA (North Dakota):
August 27, 2015, En Estados Unidos, autorizaron a la polic�a a utilizar "drones armados":
August 27, 2015, US learns nothing from hundreds of deaths caused by police, allows use of armed drones:
August 20, 2015, What Should Black Lives Matter Do with All That Power?:
August 20, 2015, White House Police Data Initiative Could Lead To Reform -- If The Public Demands It:
August 15, 2015, Here�s the Shocking Number of People Norway�s Police Have Killed Since 2002:
August 15, 2015, California First State to Ban Secret Grand Juries in Deadly Police Encounters:
August 13, 2015, La sinfon�a global china:
August 13, 2015, In 1984 The Muppet Babies Addressed Fear of Police Brutality:
August 13, 2015, Crimen de Estado racista y clasista en EE.UU.:
August 12, 2015, Analysis shows more unarmed Latinos killed in Texas and California:
August 11, 2015, The unarmed Latinos killed by police in 2015:
August 11, 2015, USA, un anno dopo a Ferguson:
August 11, 2015, Ignorance of fairness hurts justice system:
August 10, 2015, This Is How Different Police Violence Is In The U.S. And Europe:
August 10, 2015, One Year After Ferguson: Why Nobody Knows How Many People Are Killed by Police:
August 10, 2015, A Year After Michael Brown, People Are Sharing Tough Truths With #FergusonTaughtMe:
August 10, 2015, (Finnish) Yhdysvaltain poliisivoimat surmasi hein�kuussa 124 ihmist�:
August 9, 2015, Since Michael Brown, Police Shot and Killed 53 Teenagers. Who Were They?:
August 9, 2015, On Ferguson anniversary, a KC prayer rally and four arrests at a protest:
August 9, 2015, Since Michael Brown, Police Shot and Killed 53 Teenagers. Who Were They?:
August 7, 2015, Tracking Police Violence A Year After Ferguson:
August 6, 2015, I Remember Ferguson: Town Braces for Fresh Riots a Year Since Michael Brown:
August 3, 2015, U.S. Police Kill 1 American Every 8 Hours:
August 1, 2015, Unarmed South Carolina Teen Shot in Back by Cops During Marijuana Raid:
August 1, 2015, A Staggering Number Of People Were Killed By Police In July:
August 1, 2015, Unarmed South Carolina Teen Shot in Back by Cops During Marijuana Raid:
July 31, 2015, American police kill more people in one day than Norway cops have in 10 years:
July 18, 2015, Do Black Lives Matter Yet? Eric Garner's Death, One Year On:
July 7, 2015, The Invisible Man:
July 6, 2015, The biggest step to solving America's police violence problem:
July 6, 2015, Is Google more accurate than the FBI in tracking police-involved killings?:
July 4, 2015, Ah! Now the Human Rights issues of US:
July 1, 2015, SABER On the Legacy, Tragedy, and Truth of Graffiti Culture:
July 1, 2015, This Is How Many People Police Have Killed So Far This Year:
June 28, 2015, For Families of People Living With Mental Illness, Police "Support" Is Not the Solution:
June 22, 2015, La strage di Charleston invita (anche Obama) a riflettere:
June 18, 2015, US police plagued by warrior spirit of shoot more, talk less:
June 16, 2015, Opinion: Washington needs to tell the truth about police violence:
June 13, 2015, There Have Only Been 9 Days This Year When Police Didn't Kill Someone:
June 13, 2015, More Than 150 Years After Emancipation Proclamation, Changes Sought and Needed:
June 9, 2015, The DIY Effort to Count Who Police Kill:
June 8, 2015, How Many People Are Killed by Police? We�re Only Beginning to Find Out:
June 8, 2015, Senators Introduce Legislation Calling For Mandatory Data Collection On Police-Involved Shootings:
June 4, 2015, US has to address racial prejudice issue:
June 3, 2015, America's out-of-control cop kill rate:
June 3, 2015, Where Police Have Killed Americans In 2015:
June 1, 2015, Police Shot and Killed 83 People in May:
June 1, 2015, Tylko w tym roku policja w USA zastrzelila 385 os�b:
June 1, 2015, Report: US police have shot and killed at least 385 people so far this year:
June 1, 2015, The Counted - About The Project: SEE: HOW DOES THE GUARDIAN COUNT POLICE FATALITIES?:
May 31, 2015, ??:2015?1??5? ???????400??:
May 31, 2015, What we don't know about 380 Americans shot and killed by cops this year:
May 30, 2015, Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide: SEE: ABOUT THIS ARTICLE:
May 28, 2015, No clear picture on how many people are killed by police:
May 26, 2015, Time to Kill the Term "Officer-Involved Shooting":
May 20, 2015, Obama Signed Bill to Help Protect Police From Threats, However, Police Are Not Under Attack in America:
May 20, 2015, Here Are 13 Killings by Police Captured on Video in the Past Year:
May 20, 2015, How Data Can Stop Police Violence:
May 19, 2015, White supremacists infiltrate US police departments: Researcher :
May 14, 2015, Who Protects Us From Police Gone Bad?:
May 14, 2015, Homicide by Police - Finding justice in the death of Richard Frederick Tis'Mil Estrada:
May 13, 2015, No charges in Madison, Wisconsin police killing of unarmed youth:
May 11, 2015, These Two Stats Show the Big Problem With Policing in America:
May 9, 2015, Report: 1,500 Americans died at the hands of the police in past 16 months:
May 8, 2015, Nearly 1,500 killed by US police in past 16 months: report:
May 8, 2015, 1,500 killed by US police since January 2014: Report:
May 8, 2015, Nearly 1,500 killed by US police in past 16 months: report:
May 7, 2015, Map: Police have killed at least 1,500 people in the past 16 months:
May 6, 2015, What 16 Months Of Police Killings In The U.S. Looks Like:
May 6, 2015, Policiers sous surveillance:
May 5, 2015, Attempting to Divide Protesters, de Blasio puts Progressives and Rioters into the Same Camp :
May 5, 2015, Why Comparisons Between the Boston Tea Party and Baltimore Riots are Wrong:
May 5, 2015, American police kill civilians at a shocking rate compared to other developed countries:
May 4, 2015, Police killed 101 Civilians in April:
May 3, 2015, No Simple Solution to Killing Spate:
May 1, 2015, Police Killings Almost Never Lead To Murder Charges:
May 1, 2015, Freddie Gray: death by legal intervention:
May 1, 2015, Blacks killed by cops Coulter�s punch line:
May 1, 2015, Report: Police in America killed more than 90 people this month. Freddie Gray was only one of them:
May 1, 2015, Candlelight vigil at University of Michigan honors those killed by police:
May 1, 2015, Police Killings Comparing the United States and the United Kingdom :
April 30, 2015, Police Killings Rise Slightly, Though Increased Focus May Suggest Otherwise:
April 30, 2015, Editorial: More factors, than just racism, in Baltimore:
April 29, 2015, US-Beh�rden m�ssen t�dliche Polizeieins�tze nicht melden:
April 29, 2015, From Ferguson to Baltimore: A problem of lawless law enforcement?:
April 29, 2015, Protests break out after immigration officer kills Detroit man:
April 29, 2015, Riots don't hinder the movement: Another view:
April 28, 2015, One Thing You Should Know About Police Violence Statistics in America:
April 28, 2015, @BaltimorePolice: Please remain peaceful:
April 26, 2015, Police Shootings in the U.S.:
April 23, 2015, Editorial: Enough deadly cops:
April 23, 2015, Op-ed: It's Time for All LGBT People to Care About Police Brutality:
April 21, 2015, Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage:
April 19, 2015, New Data Exposes Racial Bias in Fatal Police Encounters Nationwide:
April 19, 2015, Intense Video Captures the Moment a Cop Refuses to Use Deadly Force:
April 19, 2015, M�s de un millar de muertos al a�o a manos de la polic�a en EE UU:
April 18, 2015, @washingtonpost Why are you hiding and deleting reader comments containing the numbers of people #KilledByPolice?:
April 17, 2015, Video shows Arizona officer ramming police car into man:
April 15, 2015, American violence from Ferguson to Fallujah:
April 15, 2015, A new civil rights movement may emerge in the wake of police shootings :
April 15, 2015, Liberal blog: U.S. cops killed more people in one month than U.K. cops killed last century:
April 14, 2015, Police Sergeant Says Cop Who Killed Unarmed Eric Harris Is a "True Victim":
April 14, 2015, Marchers shout down police� brutality:
April 14, 2015, Cop in the Hood: Killed by Police (3 of 3): Cutting the number in half:
April 13, 2015, Hundreds attend funeral for South Carolina man killed by cop:
April 13, 2015, Videos of Police Killings Are Numbing Us to the Spectacle of Black Death:
April 12, 2015, Cop in the Hood: Killed by Police (2 of 3): Race:
April 11, 2015, California police caught on video beating man after chase:
April 11, 2015, Police Action Fatalities in America:
April 11, 2015, Killing just one of 300 or so deaths at police hands so far this year:
April 10, 2015,, la web que contabiliza las muertes causadas por polic�as en EEUU:
April 10, 2015, Cop in the Hood: Killed by Police (1 of 3): New Data!:
April 9, 2015, Police murder in South Carolina:
April 9, 2015, La police am�ricaine tue plus de civils en un mois que la police britannique en un si�cle:
April 9, 2015, The number of black Americans killed by police in 2014 outsrips the number of people killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks:
April 9, 2015, Data: Red states have more police killings per capita than blue states:
April 9, 2015, Police Killed More Blacks in 2014 Than Died in Twin Towers Attack:
April 8, 2015, Policeman Responsible for Killing Unarmed Black Man in South Carolina Fired:
April 8, 2015, South Carolina Cop Faces Murder Charge After Video Shows Fatal Shooting:
April 8, 2015, Blacks Are Killed By Police At A Higher Rate In South Carolina And The U.S.:
April 8, 2015, Black Americans killed by police in 2014 outnumbered those who died on 9/11:
April 8, 2015, Fox host won�t believe his lying eyes: �I didn�t see a black man killed by a white cop�:
April 8, 2015, Etats-Unis: combien de Noirs meurent sous les balles des policiers?:
April 8, 2015, New Graffiti Found at CFA:
April 7, 2015, Three People Die Daily in Police Actions:
April 6, 2015, M�s de 100 personas fueron asesinadas por la polic�a en marzo: Estado de terror en la sociedad estadounidense:
April 4, 2015, US-Polizisten t�teten allein im M�rz 2015 mehr als einhundert Menschen:
April 3, 2015, Police in the U.S. Shot and Killed 115 People in the Month of March Alone:
April 3, 2015, ABD'de polis sadece Mart ayinda 115 kisiyi �ld�rd�:
April 3, 2015, (Russian):
April 2, 2015, NJ man dies in custody after police beat and sic dog on him:
April 2, 2015, More Than 100 People Were Killed By Police In The Month Of March:
April 2, 2015, US Police Killed Over 100 People in March:
April 2, 2015, That Higher Count Of Police Killings May Still Be 25 Percent Too Low :
April 2, 2015, How many police homicides in the US? A reconsideration:
April 1, 2015, Over 100 People Were Killed by Police in March. Have Police Gotten the Post-Ferguson Memo Yet?:
April 1, 2015, Police Killed More Than 100 People In March:
April 1, 2015, Police Brutality is More Than a Problem:
March 28, 2015, Run The Jewels: Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck):
March 28, 2015, Police Killing Unarmed People Must Stop:
March 27, 2015, Bekijk de nieuwe video van Run the Jewels voor 'Close Your Eyes (And Count to F**k)':
March 25, 2015, How often do police shoot someone? No one knows:
March 24, 2015, Counting victims of police violence:
March 24, 2015, David Kassick second person to die from police-involved shooting in Pa. this year:
March 23, 2015, Reign of police violence continues with killing of unarmed teen in Cleveland:
March 22, 2015, Community Demands Answers in Police Killing of Undocumented Texas Man:
March 21, 2015, Philadelphia cops cleared in killing of 26-year-old:
March 21, 2015, The counted: inside the search for the real number of police killings in the US:
March 21, 2015, Who Kills Police Officers?:
March 16, 2015, Counting the victims of police violence:
March 12, 2015, USA, killer in uniforme:
March 11, 2015, Shootings in Georgia and Colorado continue wave of police violence in US:
March 9, 2015, As Police-Involved Killings Take National Spotlight, Questions Remain:
March 9, 2015, The one map you need to understand police violence in the U.S.:
March 7, 2015, Does the LAPD Deserve Its Reputation for Racism and Brutality?:
March 6, 2015, A New Estimate Of Killings By Police Is Way Higher � And Still Too Low:
March 6, 2015, FDLE Investigations of Police Shootings Double Over Two Years:
March 6, 2015, The Slaughter Continues: 176 Civilians Killed by Police so Far in 2015:
March 6, 2015, This Police Brutality Map Shows 'Ferguson Is Everywhere':
March 4, 2015, Police killed more than twice as many people as reported by US government:
March 4, 2015, BJS Report on Arrest-Related Deaths: True Number Likely Much Greater:
March 3, 2015, Millions view video showing police murder of homeless man in Los Angeles:
February 27, 2015, Fact-Checking the American Police State:
February 27, 2015, Who Faced Police Brutality In February:
February 27, 2015, This Week in #ACAB: Fire to the Prisons:
February 15, 2015, Cops kill every 8 hours in 2015:
February 13, 2015, 'Everyone's a little bit racist' doesn't excuse ongoing police violence:
February 13, 2015, A Cheat Sheet For Comey�s Speech On Race And Policing :
February 6, 2015, Did the United States Department of Justice Just Lie to the U.N.?:
February 4, 2015, "Not Counting Mexicans or Indians": The Many Tentacles of State Violence Against Black-Brown-Indigenous Communities:
February 2, 2015, How Many People are Killed by Police? Crowdsourcing Identifies the Officer-Involved Killings Government Doesn�t Count:
February 1, 2015, How Ferguson showed us the truth about police:
January 31, 2015, Oral statement for the presidential task force on 21st Century policing
January 29, 2015, The police brutality epidemic that is sweeping the nation:
January 28, 2015, Every Police-Related Homicide Reported Last Year in California: Crowdsourced Map and Database:
January 23, 2015, How Often Do Cops Kill Citizens? Why, Given �Scandalous� Data Gaps, Nobody Knows:
January 20, 2015, Obama should show black lives matter by hosting relatives of those killed by cops at his State of the Union:
January 16, 2015, The police rely on fear and lobbying to defeat reforms. Protestors can't let them do so again:
January 11, 2015, Police Corruption Exposed:
January 10, 2015, Questions of lethal force emerge amid recent officer-involved shootings:
January 9, 2015, 'Polic�a de EEUU mata 100 veces m�s que la de otras potencias':
January 5, 2015, Second New York cop funeral provides platform to muzzle opposition:
January 5, 2015, America's War Machine sells fear and loathing beyond Ferguson. Black and brown people pay the price:
January 5, 2015, Second New York cop funeral provides platform to muzzle opposition:
January 4, 2015, U.S. cops kill at 100 times rate of other capitalist countries:
January 1, 2015,
December 30, 2014, How Many Cops Die in the Line of Duty Each Year?:
December 24, 2014, The viral claim that a black person is killed by police �every 28 hours�:
December 20, 2014, New Law To Force Police To Report How Many People They Kill:
December 17, 2014, Congress Is Finally Going to Make Local Law Enforcement Report How Many People They Kill:
December 12, 2014, Amid Garner and Brown outrage, bill would reform federal grand juries:
December 11, 2014, FBI will never count those injured and murdered by the cops:
December 11, 2014, M�s de 1.000 personas han sido asesinadas por la Polic�a en Estados Unidos durante 2014:
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